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CNC Machine Shop



This ISO 9001 certified CNC Machine Shop manufactures precision parts for the medicinal device industry. When one partner retired, the other partner used up most of the excess cash to help finance the buyout, putting a strain on working capital. Soon after, the company expanded into the aerospace industry and subsequently received a large contract. Although the company qualified for a small line of credit with their local bank, it was not enough for the company to fulfill anticipated Purchase Orders. To help bridge the cash gap until the bank could provide a large enough LOC, the banker referred the company to Magnolia Financial.



With extensive experience funding Machine Shops, Magnolia Financial quickly understood the business and its need.  Within 48 hours, Magnolia approved the company for a $200,000 Line of Credit. Secured by Accounts Receivable, the LOC has the ability to grow as business increases. The company also needed to add a new production line as a result in the increase in business.  Magnolia recognized the growth potential and provided the company a $50,000 Equipment Term Loan to fund the production line. The Accounts Receivable and Equipment financing provided by Magnolia is allowing the company to grow when they otherwise would have had to turn down new customers.