Why Paying More Taxes is Sometimes BETTER for Your Company

November 27, 2019

Many small business owners inevitably review their financial statements at the end of the year and look for deductions to minimize taxable profit, thereby reducing taxes owed. Taking deductions to legally reduce income, and therefore tax liabilities, probably seems like an ideal strategy, but it may actually limit your company’s ability to grow in the future.

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3 Steps Every Banker Agrees You Need to Take Once Your Small Business Loan is Approved

October 21, 2019

Another informal survey where bankers discuss what they wished every client would do with their newly approved small business loan.

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Accounts Receivable Turnover and Its Impact on Cash Flow

September 25, 2019

One of the many useful metrics in tracking your financials that many small businesses may not have a handle on is your Accounts Receivable Turnover. Simply put, Accounts Receivable Turnover is the ratio of net credit sales over average accounts receivable in a given period: a measure of how effective your business is at extending trade credit and collecting that debt from customers.

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How to Make the Most of Your Small Business Relationships

August 19, 2019

Who are your trusted advisors for your small business? If that’s not a question you can answer immediately, then you may not be taking full advantage of valuable resources available to you.

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4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Business Budget Report Could Do

July 25, 2019

Your small business budget shouldn't just be something you do because your banker requires it. A properly created budget can be an integral tool to make sure you're meeting your goals or helping you understand why you are not.

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Asset-Based Lending: The Cost of Capital v. Opportunity Cost

May 20, 2019

Asset-Based Lending: The Cost of Capital v. Opportunity Cost In the world of Asset-Based Lending (“ABL”), Accounts Receivable Financing and Factoring, many times the first objection we hear from a potential prospect is, “I can’t afford alternative financing because it’s too expensive.”

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Why you need a Budget and a Cash Flow Projection

November 27, 2018

Cash Flow Forecasting and a budget are both valuable tools in running a small business. At first glance, the two reports seem somewhat similar, however their central purposes are distinct.

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