• What kind of businesses does Magnolia Financial, Inc. serve?

    We provide Accounts Receivable Financing, Asset-Based Lending, Inventory Financing and Purchase Order Financing to a variety of companies including:  Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale, Service, Staffing, Transportation, and many others.  Our guidelines are very simple, if your company has Accounts Receivable in a business-to-business (“B2B”) transaction, you may qualify.

  • Don't I have to be in business for 2 years or more, like the bank said?

    No, Magnolia Financial has very successfully funded many start-up businesses.  As long as your company has Accounts Receivable, we can provide a variety of funding options to meet your needs.

  • Are there any minimum volume requirements?

    There are no monthly, quarterly or annual minimum volume requirements. This allows you maximum flexibility and ensures you only pay for the funding you actually use.

  • How long does it take to get funded?

    Not as long as you might think. We can fund within days, not weeks or months. Please remember that there is an audit and due diligence process that we perform, so the quicker we complete this step, the quicker the funding. After the initial funding, we normally fund on a same day or next business day basis. Funds are electronically transferred to a bank account designated by you.

  • What does it cost and how are the fees calculated?

    All of our relationships are priced on an individual basis.  We try to structure a credit facility that best meets your needs.  Fees can be based on a number of factors including: the amount of funding you need (your credit limit), the financial strength and payment history of your customers, as well as the expected performance of your company in the future.

  • How long is my contract for? Is there a penalty if I no longer need financing?

    Our agreements have no term limits and are month-to-month.  There are no early termination or pre-payment penalties.  Our goal is to help “graduate” you to traditional bank financing.

  • Is Magnolia Financial a "Broker"?

    Magnolia Financial, Inc. is NOT a broker. A broker is a "middleman" who represents multiple funding sources, and is paid a fee for doing so. There are many excellent brokers that exist in the market place. However, we fund utilizing our own resources and capital. We believe that our tailor made approach to each client's individual needs is why we have succeeded in the competitive financial services industry.

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